Smart & Fit Fitness Studio


Abbot Amos joined the Fibre Family as a child and he has trusted us with his finances into adulthood. “Fibre has been a part of my life since the very beginning,” says Abbot. “From my first savings account at age three to my first business account!” From vehicle loans to refinances, Abbot looked to Fibre to help him achieve many of his personal and financial goals.

After working five years as a private contractor and personal trainer, Abbot decided to take on the challenge of opening his own private personal training studio in Longview. He knew exactly where to turn to start the process. “Fibre was my first choice when opening a business account,” says Abbot. “I’ve been banking with them my whole life and I trust them wholeheartedly.” More than 80 clients followed Abbot to his new business, Smart & Fit, when he opened the doors in 2015. Since then, Abbot has added two personal trainers to his team. Trainer Cody Moss was directed to Smart & Fit by a college advisor and he’s never looked back. With a passion for fitness training in all styles, Cody shares Abbot’s enthusiasm about improving the strength, health, and confidence of his clients.

Abbot and Cody

Whether he’s managing payroll or accepting client payments, Abbot finds Mobile Deposit and our mobile app handy for his business needs. “I use Mobile Deposit several times a week, so it saves a lot of time when I don’t have to go into a branch. It’s really easy to make transfers on the mobile app, so I can pay employees and manage my accounts without any hassle. Easy access to my accounts has always been a benefit of banking with Fibre.”

From small child to business owner, Abbot has shared his life journey as part of the Fibre Family and he says there’s no end to that relationship in sight. If you’re ready, the Smart & Fit team will help you create a personal journey of your own!

Smart & Fit

1146 15th Ave. Ste 120, Longview, WA 98632

Abbot Amos: 360-562-7226

Cody Moss: 360-520-6163

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