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  • To get the most out of Online Banking, we encourage you to spend some time playing around and clicking buttons.

    Account Linking
    If you are a primary owner on more than one consumer account, you can manage all of these accounts with your single login. 

    If you wish to also manage consumer accounts on which you are a joint owner, just give us a call and we’ll add those accounts as well, so they’re all accessible for you. 

    Desktop: On the left hand side of your dashboard are green boxes (“widgets”). When you click “More,” you can view all available widgets. Select “widget options,” and view a description of each widget.  Select the star to the right of the description to choose your 5 favorite widgets you’d like to appear on your dashboard. You can also select the order in which they appear.

    Mobile: Your widgets are available under the hamburger menu.  To choose the 5 widgets that appear at the top, select “Settings,” then “Widgets” and select the star to the right.

    Profile Options
    Desktop: Your profile can be found in the upper right corner of your dashboard, where your name appears. Click on your name and select “Settings” to upload a photo of yourself, update your nickname, select your time zone, update your username, password, confidence image, and two-factor authentication, select your favorite desktop theme, update your contact information, set all account notifications, re-order accounts within account types, assign account colors and nicknames, hide accounts, and manage remembered & PIN-enabled devices.

    Mobile: Access your profile by selecting the hamburger menu, then Settings.  You have the options of changing your nickname, assigning account colors and nicknames, enabling certain notifications, updating your username and password, updating your contact information, hiding accounts, and selecting Snapshot accounts (see more about Snapshot accounts under Viewing Your Accounts below.) Android users can also turn the Fingerprint feature on and off by navigating to Settings.

    Activity Summary
    Desktop: On your dashboard, you’ll see “Last 30 days” and “Next 7 days.”  These are recent logins, scheduled transfers, transfers performed through the new Online Banking platform, notifications, and account holds.

  • When you first log in to Online Banking via desktop or mobile, your account balances are immediately viewable.

    To view history, simply click on the account in desktop or mobile.  (Please note: history is not yet available for mortgage loans.)  When viewing history, you can sort by a number of factors.

    Desktop: Within your account, select the funnel icon.  Sort transactions by date range, category, transaction account, and more

    Mobile: Click on your account, then select the funnel icon. Sort by deposits, withdrawals, or checks.

    Transaction Categories:  On your desktop, you can keep track of how much you’re spending, based on pre-determined categories and sub-categories, or ones that you create.  You can find the category under each transaction.  If the transaction is not automatically assigned to a category, you will see the option to add one.  From here, you can assign a category, split a transaction into multiple categories, or add a new sub category. View your spending breakdown by selecting analytics, then spending.

    To view checks, within your checking account transaction history, select the check you wish to view. All viewable checks will have a check icon next to them.

    Filtered Transaction History
    Filter your transactions to print or download a file of those specific transactions.

    Customizing Account View
    To change an account nickname, assign a new color to the account, or hide an account: 
    In Desktop, select Profile, Settings, Accounts tab, then select the pencil to the right of the account. In mobile, select hamburger menu, Settings, Accounts, then select the account.

    To reorder accounts within account categories, Select Profile, Settings, Accounts tab, then “Reorder Accounts.”  (Desktop only.)

    Snapshot Accounts
    You can view selected account balances from your mobile device by simply launching the mobile app. There is no need to log in.  In your mobile app, select the hamburger menu, Settings, then Snapshot. Select the accounts you would like to add to Snapshots, then select Save. Note: Snapshot Accounts is different than “Accounts Snapshot,” which is what you see when you are already logged in.

    External Accounts
    You have the option of linking external accounts (accounts at other financial institutions) to view balances. You will need your account number, account type, routing number, and log-in information for your external account. External account transfers are only permitted between your accounts at Fibre and your accounts at another financial institution. If you wish to transfer funds to a third party at another institution, use Bill Pay or Person to Person Transfer.

    From your desktop, select Profile, Settings, Accounts tab, Link an External Account, then “Link accounts from another financial institution,” and follow the prompts. If you’ve already set up the account on your desktop, you will be able to view that account on mobile.

    To set up external accounts in the app, visit the Accounts widget and select the button at the bottom that says "Link external accounts to manage your finances all in one place." Agree to the terms and conditions and follow the prompts to get started. 

  • You can change your address online.  Desktop: Select Profile, Settings, the Contact tab, then select the pencil icon next to your address to edit.  Mobile:  Select the hamburger menu, Settings, Contact, then select the arrow icon next to your address to edit. All your linked accounts, share and loan name records, will update within 24 hours. Military and foreign address changes must be made by contacting the credit union, not online.
  • There are a number of ways to transfer funds via Online Banking. 

    Quick Transfers (desktop only): Select the Transfers widget. The default option is Quick Transfers, where you can make a one-time transfer between your own accounts.  You can also perform Member to Member transfers here, if you have the account set up.  See “Setting up a Member to Member Transfer” below.  Select the account you wish to transfer from, enter the amount (or select from a list of popular amounts), then select the account you wish to transfer to. The transfer will occur immediately.

    Classic Transfers allow you to schedule a future and/or recurring transfer, transfer to another Fibre member, or transfer to an external account that you have set up.  They also allow you to add a memo to the transfer.

    Desktop: Select the Transfers widget, then the Classic tab.

    Mobile: Select the hamburger menu, then Transfers.

    Member to Member Transfer: If you need to transfer funds to another member and you are not a primary or joint owner on their account, this method is ideal because the transfer occurs immediately.  You will need to know the member’s account number, share ID, and last name. The Share ID is the account type (a two digit number indicating savings, checking, loan, etc.).

    Desktop: Select the Transfers widget, then Classic. After selecting which account you wish to transfer from, select “Transfer to another Fibre Federal CU member” and follow the prompts.  You have the option of saving this account for future use, in case you wish to transfer to the member again.

    Mobile: Select the hamburger menu, then Transfers.  Select “Add Account” in the upper right. It defaults to Internal Account (Member to Member). Follow the prompts.

    Zelle Transfers (available in mobile only):

    Zelle is a fast, safe and easy way to send money directly between almost any bank accounts in the U.S., typically within minutes1. With just an email address or U.S. mobile phone number, you can send money to people you trust, regardless of where they bank2.  View Zelle Frequently Asked Questions

    1 Transactions typically occur in minutes when the recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile number is already enrolled with Zelle
    2 Must have a bank account in the U.S. to use Zelle.  

    External (A2A) Transfers: Transfer to accounts at another financial institution. You will need the account number, account type, and routing number. External account transfers are only permitted between your accounts at Fibre and your accounts at another financial institution. If you wish to transfer funds to a third party at another institution, use Bill Pay or Zelle Transfer. View Account to Account (A2A) Frequently Asked Questions

    Desktop: Select the Transfers widget, Classic tab, then select “Add an external account,” and follow the prompts.

    Mobile: Select the hamburger menu, Transfers, “Add Account” in the upper right, then select “External Account” and follow the prompts.

    Viewing Transfers: You can view posted transfers in the "History" tab and you can view scheduled transfers in the "Scheduled" tab at the top of the Transfers menu. Both the "Scheduled" and "History" tabs will display 5, 10, or 20 transfers to a page. This option is located at the bottom left of the screen. You can skim through multiple pages by selecting the page arrows at the bottom right of the screen.

  • Your loan account balances are immediately viewable when you log in via desktop or mobile.               

    View Your Loan. In both desktop or mobile, simply click on your loan account to view the account history.  Select “Account Details” to see when your next payment is due, your past due amount (if any), your interest rate, your payoff balance, and more.  This information is now available for mortgage loans as well!

    Make a Loan Payment. On desktop, select the “Pay” icon on the loan. On mobile, select the loan account, and select the “Pay Now” option.  Or, follow the Transfers directions above.

    Please note: If you make a payment on your mortgage loan, it will not post to your loan until the following business day.

    Skip-A-Pay. Skip a payment once per calendar year on qualifying consumer loans for a $25 fee, which is added directly to the loan balance. Select the "Skip-A-Pay" widget to see if you have a qualifying loan and follow the prompts to set up your skip in Online Banking or Mobile Banking without any paperwork!

    Transfer from Your Visa.  You can transfer available funds from your Visa to one of your deposit accounts.  In desktop or mobile, follow the “Transfers” directions above.

    Apply for a Loan: In desktop, select the “Apply for a Loan” widget in desktop. 

  • Messages can be sent and received from the credit union.

    Desktop: To create a message, access the Message Center by selecting your Profile, then messages, and then select Compose.  Or, you can select the Message Center widget, then select Compose. You can even attach a file. If you have a message from the credit union, you’ll see a red dot on your profile picture.

    Mobile: To create a message, access the Message Center by selecting the envelope icon in the top right corner, select “Go To Message Center,” then select the “Compose” tab. Or, you can select the Message Center widget from the hamburger menu. If you have a message from the credit union, you will see a blue dot on the envelope icon.

  • Make sure your contact information is up to date so your alerts function properly.  (Desktop: Profile, Settings, Contact; mobile: hamburger menu, Contact.)

    Notifications/Alerts must be set up in desktop.  Select Profile, Settings, then Notifications. It’s important that you select how you prefer to receive General Alerts (ie, alerts generated by the credit union). Then, select which notifications you wish to initiate, and whether you prefer to receive them via email or SMS (text message).

    Notification examples include balance alerts, insufficient funds alerts, transfer alerts, budget alerts, and savings goals alerts. All notifications will be sent within one day.  We encourage you to explore the Notifications options to familiarize yourself with the types of situations you can automatically be notified about. 

    You may view all alerts via mobile, as well as turn your alerts on and off, and choose how to receive them. To do so, select the hamburger menu, Settings, then Notifications.

  • Register for FREE Online Bill Pay.

    Select the Pay Bills widget (desktop) or hamburger menu, then Pay Bills (mobile).  You may first receive a “Get Your Bill at the Payment Center” pop-up window if you have any qualifying eBills.  This is an optional service that lets you know when your payment is due.

    Once you proceed to the Payment Center, you’ll find the following options:

    • Review your payees and add new ones

    • Pay bills, including selecting a date, rushing delivery (for an added fee), and setting a payment reminder

    • View your bill pay activity

    • See which accounts are connected to your bill pay service

    • Update your profile information

    Select the Help Center option for complete answers to your Bill Pay questions.

    Important notice for joint account holders:  Only one owner on the account will have Online Bill Pay access.  The access defaults to the primary owner.  If you wish to switch access to the joint owner, please give us a call and we can submit that change request.  Access change requests are completed in 7-10 days.

  • View your regular and Visa statements online.  Select the eDocs widget. You have the option to subscribe to (or unsubscribe from) E-Statements here.  To view your statements, select the statement type and date from the drop down list.  You can also print or download your statements.

    Please note: You will only be able to view E-Statements on accounts on which you are the primary owner. Joint members will still be able to access full account history (see “Viewing Your Accounts” above).

    For a step by step guide, watch this video:

  • Be sure you have written “Mobile Deposit Only” under your signature on the back.  From the mobile app, select the hamburger menu, then “Deposit Check.” Follow the prompts.  Mobile Banking will take the check photos for you.  Be sure you have a dark background available to place the check against for the photos. Once complete, you will receive a message that your check was successfully submitted along with a confirmation number. Your deposit will usually be available in your account by the following business day.

  • Accounts:

    Select an account to view transactions, account details, and spending analytics.

    Apply for a Loan:

    Use this handy link to apply for a new Credit Card, Home Equity Loan, Personal Loan, or Auto Loan! You can also check the status of a pending loan.

    Bill Pay:

    Pay nearly any person or business with a few clicks of your mouse! Bill Pay is FREE, fast, economical, and more secure than paper checks. 

    If you're a new user, you may first receive a “Get Your Bill at the Payment Center” pop-up window if you have any qualifying eBills. This is an optional service that lets you know when your payment is due. Once you proceed to the Payment Center, you’ll find the following options:

    • Review your payees and add new ones
    • Pay bills, including selecting a date, rushing delivery (for an added fee), and setting a payment reminder
    • View your bill pay activity
    • See which accounts are connected to your bill pay service
    • Update your profile information


    View the overall picture of your accounts.

    Debit Courtesy Pay:

    Enrolling in Debit Card Courtesy Pay will allow us to extend Courtesy Pay service to your Debit Card purchases, point of sale (POS) transactions, and ATM withdrawals up to an approved limit in the event there are not sufficient funds to cover your transactions. As with standard Courtesy Pay, it costs you nothing if you don’t use it. You will be charged $30 per occurrence if you do, and your overdraft balance must be paid within a timely manner as outlined in our overdraft disclosure. 

    In Online Banking or our Mobile App, select the Debit Courtesy Pay widget to enroll yourself in seconds.

    Deposit Check:

    This widget leads you to Mobile Deposit, which allows you to deposit checks from camera-equipped smartphones and tablets. (Mobile Banking only)

    • On your first time, you will be asked to read and agree with our Mobile Deposit Service Agreement.
    • Endorse your checks. Be sure to include "For Mobile Deposit Only at Fibre Federal Credit Union" in the endorsement area on the back of each deposited check.
    • Take pictures with your phone as directed.
    • Submit!

    Within seconds you'll see confirmation that the deposit was received. In most cases, the funds will be available by the following business day.


    Subscribe to E-Statements here! Once you’re enrolled, you can view your monthly statements and Visa statements online. You can also print and download your statements any time you wish.

    Fibre Card Manager:

    Protect and control your cards within our mobile app! Use this free service to manage your risk by allowing you to define when, where, and how your cards can be used, and send alerts on your mobile device. Select the Fibre Card Manager widget in Mobile Banking and follow the instructions.

    If you previously used the CardValet app to protect your cards, we recommend that you uninstall the CardValet app after registering your cards in Fibre Card Manager to avoid duplicate notifications.

    Financial Wellness:

    See a snapshot of your spending within the Financial Wellness widget. Your transactions are sorted by category, allowing you to easily review, sort, and track your purchases. View month to month comparisons of your spending, track recurring expenses, view your savings goals progress, and more!

    Message Center:

    Use our Message Center to send and receive secure messages with us.

    My Credit Score:

    Curious about your credit? Now, you can log into Online Banking or our Mobile App to access your credit score, credit report, and credit monitoring for free!

    Once You Log In:

    • Desktop: Click the prompt on the sample credit score meter to launch My Credit Score.
    • Mobile App: Select the hamburger menu, select “My Credit Score,” then follow the prompts.

    Savings Goals:

    Set savings goals and monitor your progress. Creating a savings goal is available in desktop only. However, you may view created savings goals in both desktop and mobile.

    First, select the deposit account you wish to assign to your new savings goal. Then, name and categorize your goal. Enter the amount you wish to save (use whole dollar amounts, no cents), and your target date.  You can even upload a photo! 

    Once your savings goal is set up, you have a number of options:

    • Add Funds:  This option allows you to contribute to your goal by quickly transferring funds from another account (available on desktop only).
    • Settings:  Determine how you would like future deposits to this account will be allocated to this and other goals. (Available on both desktop and mobile. Select the gear icon in mobile.)
    • Edit: Change any part of your savings goal at any time (available on desktop only).


    In Settings, you can update your personal profile and customize your view in Online Banking. You can give accounts nicknames, set notifications, update your security features, change your contact information, reorder favorite widgets, and activate the Snapshot feature to preview your balances before you log into Online Banking.


    Skip a payment once per calendar year on qualifying consumer loans for a $25 fee, which is added directly to the loan balance. Qualifying loans will have a green check mark to show they’re eligible. Select the loan you’d like to skip and click the “Skip” button. Agree to the terms and conditions and you’re all set, without any paperwork!


    Transfer funds between accounts, to another Fibre Federal member, make Zelle transfers, or External Account to Account (A2A) transfers.

    Widget Options:

    This feature will take you to the Widgets tab in Settings, where you can reorder your favorite widgets.


    Introducing Zelle — a fast, safe and easy way to send money in minutes1 to friends, family and others you trust, right from the mobile app. Zelle makes it easy to send money to, or receive money from, people you trust with a bank account in the U.S.

    1. Log into the app.
    2. Select Send money with Zelle®
    3. Enroll your U.S. mobile number or email address.
    4. Send money to friends family and others you know and trust.

    1 Transactions typically occur in minutes when the recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile number is already enrolled with Zelle.

  • Business Account Holders:

    The responsible owner, officer, or trustee who currently signs on the account needs to be the one to log in to our Online Banking service for the first time to establish log-in credentials. You will need the EIN, TIN, or Social Security Number of the primary account name, the account number, and ZIP code of the address used on statements.

    We advise you to only share your login credentials with joint owners, officers, or trustees. Anyone who logs into the account will now have the ability to perform a member-to-member transfer out of the account. Therefore, the security of your login credentials is imperative.

    Adding Other Users:

    To set up other authorized signers, such as a bookkeeper, office assistant, or other staff members, please follow the steps below.  This is available via desktop only.

    Consumer Online Banking Users:

    From Profile, select Settings, "Shared Access," then "Add a user." From here you can input a guest user's information and permissions. 

    The options are below:

    • -All permissions
    • -View Account (Can see account balance)
    • -View Transactions (Can view history and checks images)
    • -Transfer Into (From the designated accounts)
    • -Transfer From (To the designated accounts and Member to Member)

    After you have reviewed and confirmed the information, your guest user will be sent an email invitation to access your accounts. A confirmation code will be given to you to share with the guest user. To retreive this code, go to the "Pending Invitation" within your Shared Access tab and select the down arrow. Give this code to the guest user. They will need to enter it after clicking on the link within their email invitation. This code will expire in 24 hours. The guest user will then be able to access your accounts with their own user name and password. 

    After the guest user accepts the disclosure, they will need to complete the registration process. They will then be asked to create a user ID and request a temporary password. The temporary password will be sent to them, and they can use it to create a new password. The guest user then selects a confidence image and confirms contact information.

    As the primary owner of the account, you will be able to see if your invitation was accepted within the "Shared Access" tab. You will then have the options to delete or update access, expand guest profile, and either edit account access or delete the guest user. 

    Business Online Banking Users:

    The “help” button at the top right of your screen is very informative. It should help you find the answers to most of your questions.

    Select the Business Administration widget.

    Business Admin

    As the account owner/officer, you are considered the “master user.” The master user decides who else should get access to the accounts and what limitations are needed. You can authorize multiple account sub users with very specific levels of access but creating “roles” and assigning them to sub users. Remember to save your changes at each step of the process. 

    Select the “roles” button.

    Add a role

    Select  the “add a role” button.  Give the role a name (such as manager) and description.  The new role has been created and will appear on left side of your screen.

    Role Name

    Now you need to set permissions, accounts and limits that will be associated with the new role. Click any pencil icon to customize the permissions you are giving to the role. If as the master user you wish to grant full access to a sub user, you will check all permissions.  Selecting all permissions will also allow the designated person to set up new roles and users. 

    Under “Transfers” you will see an option to “Add Member to Member Transfer Account.” If this feature is selected, the sub user will have the ability to transfer from accounts assigned within the role, to ANY account at Fibre Federal Credit Union. 

    Business Roles

    Accounts & Limits:

    Accounts - Using the pencil icon, select all accounts you want assigned to the role you created. 

    Limits - Using the pencil icon, set limits for the sub users in this role. You can set and authorize   maximum limits for daily, weekly and monthly intervals.   To delete a role, click “Delete Role” at the bottom of the window.  Before a role can be deleted, any assigned sub users must be deleted.

    Accounts and Limits

    Each role must have a sub user(s) assigned to it.  Create a new user by clicking on the “Add a User” tab.

    Add a user

    You will need to create a unique username and provide it to the user. Enter the user's first and last name, email address, and select a role.  An email will be automatically sent to the new user containing a temporary password. Both pieces of information will be needed for the new user to log into Online Banking.

    The new role and user will be visible on the account screen confirming the process is complete. Be sure to log out and log back in to Business Online Banking for all new permissions to be applied.

    Log into the Business Admin Widget to view pending transfer requests requiring approval. The master user, or any user given “can authorize” authority can approve or reject the request. All requests expire at 11:59pm of the day submitted if not approved or rejected. 

    Pending Transactions

    If you have questions or need assistance and the “Help” button does not contain the answers you’re looking for, please contact us at 360-575-5785 for assistance (do not call our switchboard numbers).  

    Business Shared Access (Consumer Online Banking Users Only)

    After you've set up the guest user confirmation process, you'll want to complete the profile and/or proceed to account access. Widgets within Business Online Banking will or will not display depending on the access you provide the guest user. 

    Guest user access for Bill Pay:

    Guest users who are granted access for Bill Pay will see this widget within Online Banking. Upon clicking the Bill Pay widget, the guest user will be accessing Bill Pay with their own guest user login credentials. The guest user will not see payees or payment history therefore they will need to create new payees.

    A guest user for a business must register in the name of the business. This includes placing a "." in the first name field and the business name in the last name field. Payments issued will have the business account contact information on them. 

    The guest user will have access to set up payees through the Payment Center.   

Tutorial Video: