Credit Unions in Washington and Oregon provide $528 million benefits to their members last year!** Like PJ from Kelso, a member of the Fibre Family who received an ultra-low rate on a holiday loan with us.

 As it turns out, the perfect holiday for PJ was a home remodel. “My husband’s had the house for over 30 years,” says PJ, “And we really needed to renovate, so we went to the credit union and got the loan. It was a very easy process!”

Whether your vision of the perfect holiday means more presents under the tree, debt consolidation, a dream vacation, or an updated home, look no further than your credit union for a loan at just 4.99% APR*. Everyone who qualifies gets the same low

With fast approval, you’ll have time to do all the other things you love, like PJ: “I like to ride my bike, I like to work in the yard, and one of my favorite things to do is yoga.” On being a member of the Fibre Family since 1975, PJ says, “We really are one big family. I know that whatever branch I go into they’re gonna be so happy to see me and help me.” Visit your favorite branch for your holiday loan, or apply online.

Every qualified member gets the same low rate!

*Annual Percentage Rate effective 10/1/17 and expires 12/31/17. Loan amount dependent upon credit worthiness.

**2017 Northwest Credit Unions’ Economic Impacts Report