Fibre Credit Union E-Statements • Sign Up Now - Make your life a little easier and live a little greener, when you opt for secure electronic statements in place of mailed statements. 


Here's a great way to protect yourself from fraud and live a greener life! Your Fibre Federal statement will never be lost or stolen when you sign up for E-Statements—and they're so easy to use!

E-Statements are free and offer a number of advantages over traditional paper statements:
  • Fast and easy access. Because you retrieve them online, E-Statements are available sooner than paper statements—and they're right where you can find them through our free Online Banking service.
  • More secure. You won't run the risk of paper statements that can be lost or stolen from your mailbox.
  • Save paper, cut emissions. E-statements eliminate or reduce paper usage, and they help reduce greenhouse emissions that come with mail delivery.
To sign up for paperless E-Statements, simply login to Online Banking (do not use Mobile Banking), select Accounts, and then click on E-Statements. Make sure you accept the offer of electronic statements and the disclosure and you're all set.


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