New Online Banking Improvements

Online Banking Is Better Than Ever

We’ve recently rolled out several new features and improvements in Online Banking to make managing your accounts even easier!

Fibre Card Manager

This free service replaces our CardValet app, and helps you protect and control your Debit and Credit Cards within our Mobile Banking app! Define when, where, and how your cards can be used, and send alerts on your mobile device. Turn your cards off and on, receive real-time alerts for card transactions, set geographical and spending limits on purchases, and more. 

To get started, select the Fibre Card Manager widget within Mobile Banking and follow the instructions to set up your cards. If you are currently using the CardValet app to protect your cards, we recommend that you uninstall the CardValet app after registering your cards in Fibre Card Manager to avoid duplicate notifications.  

Skip-A-Pay Widget:

Skip a payment once per calendar year on qualifying consumer loans for a $25 fee, which is added directly to the loan balance. Qualifying loans will have a green check mark to show they’re eligible. Select the loan you’d like to skip and click the “Skip” button. Agree to the terms and conditions and you’re all set, without any paperwork!

Financial Wellness Widget:

See a snapshot of your spending within the Financial Wellness widget. View month to month comparisons of your spending habits, track recurring expenses, and more! Your transactions will be sorted by category, allowing you to easily review, sort, and track your purchases.

Transaction descriptions are now more readable, and automatically categorize themselves for you. You can also set up categorization rules for your transactions, in the event you want a certain transaction to always be assigned to a specific category.

Mortgage Loan Information Now Real-Time

Mortgage borrowers can now view payment history and the amount applied to principal and interest, see payments in real time instead of the next business day, and designate principal-only payments. To make a mortgage payment via Online Banking transfer, select the Classic Transfer option on desktop instead of the Quick Transfer option.

We’re always improving Online Banking to make it more user friendly, helpful, and convenient. If you’re not already an Online Banking user, we encourage you to take advantage of all it has to offer! Follow the directions here to sign up!