Stay on Top of Fraud with Account Alerts

Nobody can be expected to watch their accounts for fraud all the time.  Thanks to account alerts, you don’t have to!  With our upgraded Online Banking service and the free CardValet mobile app, it’s easier than ever to set helpful alerts.

1. Large purchase
Set an alert to notify you when a purchase threshold has been exceeded, so you can verify the purchase. This can be set up in Online Banking. From your desktop, select your Profile, Settings, then Notifications.  Under Accounts Alerts, select the settings icon next to Transaction Alert. Select an account, then select Add Rule. Select “Withdrawal is over” and then select an amount, such as $500, and save.

2. When profile or password changes
Online Banking users automatically receive an alert when their password or other personal information have been changed. If you did not make the changes it is a sure sign of identity theft. To verify we have correct contact information for you when sending these types of alerts, select your Profile from your desktop, then Settings, then Notifications.  Here, you’ll see General Alerts at the top.  Click on the settings icon to the right, and verify we have updated contact information for you, and that your preferred method of contact is selected.

3. Minimum balance
It’s always a good idea to get a heads-up when your account falls below a specific amount. Not only can a low balance alert signify unauthorized purchases,  it can also help you take action to avoid fees. To set a minimum balance alert in Online Banking, select your Profile from your desktop, then Settings, then Notifications.  Under Accounts, select the settings icon to the right of Balance Alert. Turn on Balance Alert, then set the minimum balance for every account you wish, then save.

4. Any card purchase
This alert could get excessive for debit and credit cards you use daily, but it’s an excellent idea for those cards you don’t often use, so you can rest assured they’re not being used without your knowledge. For instant alerts, use CardValet. Click here from your Apple mobile device, or click here from your Android mobile device. Once you’ve registered your credit and debit cards, select the card on which you would like a transaction notification. Select Alert Preferences, Transaction Types, then Enable Transaction Alerts.  You’ll receive a notification on your phone within seconds of any transaction.

5. Out of area purchases
You’ll also need CardValet for this handy notification. See the directions above for downloading the app.  Then select Alert Preferences, Locations, My Location. All in-store transactions will generate an immediate alert if your device and merchant locations do not match. New to Online Banking? Call us and we’ll send you the link to get started.  Or, fill out this form and we’ll call you.