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Business of the Month: Red Leaf Organic Coffee

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Special Offer from Red Leaf Organic Coffee
Free Kids Hot Chocolate on Mondays  
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"The relationship we’ve built with the tellers and loan department has been amazing. We’ve built a relationship as we’ve built our business. Every touch point has exceeded our expectations. We now have 4 locations and we started with 1, the two of us have grown together."
                     -Melissa & Ray Vandervalk , Owners

Meet Red Leaf Organic Coffee

In 2008, Red Leaf owners, Ray and Melissa Vandervalk, began a journey that would result in the area’s most popular locally-owned coffee house. It started as a simple espresso stand in Woodland. The name Red Leaf Organic Coffee and the uniquely themed menu pays tribute to Melissa’s Canadian heritage. Drinks like the Rocky Mountain Mocha, the Maple Vanilla Latte, and the Gold Rush became popular favorites. A new fresh fruit smoothie line was introduced soon after. In 2011, Red Leaf opened a second location on Main Street in Kelso. The sit-down café has a drive through and still offers their uniquely Canadian and Northwest themed drinks. Red Leaf’s menu has grown too. Gluten free treats and milk alternatives like almond milk, hemp milk, and a delicious soy milk have been added to the menu to accommodate customer needs.

In addition to simply tasting good, Melissa’s goal was to make as much of the menu healthy and organic as possible. “I want to serve customers only what I’d serve my kids,” Melissa said. Red Leaf is proud to offer a variety of healthy options that can satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. The Kelso location includes a playroom for kids to enjoy while their parents relax with a drink. In exploring various coffee houses in the Northwest, Ray and Melissa noticed that while the adults had coffee and company to keep them entertained, kids had no place to play. Kelso Red Leaf now has its own playroom. In their first year of operation, Red Leaf won the Reader’s Choice Award from the Daily News for the best coffee in the Kelso-Longview area. In both the Woodland and Kelso locations, Red Leaf continues to grow, offering a truly unique and memorable coffee experience.


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