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Fibre Federal is proud to recognize and promote many of the local businesses and organizations that bank with us. As a locally owned and operated business itself, your credit union is committed to helping the businesses of our community grow and thrive.

Another benefit of being a Fibre Federal member is receiving discounts and other special offers from local businesses who do their banking with us. Simply click on any of interest to you.

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Each month we feature a local "Business of the Month." We have over 50 local businesses who offer exclusive discounts and deals for Fibre Federal members. If your business has a Business Checking Account with Fibre Federal and you would like to see your business featured, please fill out our application form.

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Meet Elsa's Home Projects

Puzzel Quest

Elsa Vydra, owner of Elsa’s Home Projects, has embraced decorating and design her whole life. “I grew up with a creative aunt who inspired me to create and decorate. I knew when I bought my first house, I would remodel everything myself.”

In 2003, Elsa and her husband moved to Longview and purchased a two story stucco home in the old west side. The house had years of neglect and mismatched “updates.” As they started renovating the house, they learned it was one of the houses that R.A. Long had built in 1923. She spent a year renovating the house, sanding years of paint off of the doors, baseboard, and door trim. Elsa removed the outdated panel lighting in the kitchen and retextured the ceiling.  She also stripped and refinished the oak cabinets.

Now, Elsa’s Home Projects can freshen up your home in a variety of ways. Give a room a colorful makeover, revitalize old furniture, or refurbish your kitchen cabinets. She can add a rustic feel to furniture with chalk paint or antique your bedroom suite. Elsa prefers all work be brushed or rolled by hand, regardless if it’s one room, the whole house, or just an accent piece for your favorite room. Elsa enjoys learning new techniques and is eager to try them out on a variety of projects for her customers. Elsa’s Home Projects can help you make your interior design dreams a reality!

Donna Marko
“Fibre has an easy, pleasant atmosphere and several locations to make deposits.
Even better, they have branches open on Saturdays!”
-Elsa Vydra; Owner
Elsa's Home Projects
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Elsa's Home Projects:
20% off discount

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