Community Involvement

Fibre Federal Credit Union is proud to partner with organizations, projects, and events in each of our communities through our Community Investment Program. We believe that by doing something good for our friends and neighbors, together, we can make our community better. We are focused on projects that improve the quality of life for our area as well as impact the well being of the communities we serve.

Your organization is invited to submit a request using the form below. To ensure that every request is received properly and promptly, we are no longer accepting requests in our branches.

The first step is to decide if your request is more of “sponsorship” or a “donation” opportunity. Here are some tips to help you choose:

Sponsorships are opportunities that:

• offer clear ways for TLC/Fibre Federal to be recognized on event materials and promotions
• must be tied to a specific event, project, or activity
• must be submitted in the appropriate request cycle, based on the date of your event

Donations are opportunities that:

• clearly identify the cause or area within your organization that our donation will be used to support
• are not tied to a specific event or activity
• may be submitted in any request cycle, but only one award per year will be given to an organization

Here are some examples of things we have supported:

• Fibre Federal Credit Union Rainy Months Series, Columbia Theatre, Longview, Washington
• Tillamook County fair, Tillamook, Oregon
• Rainier Days in the Park Sponsor, Rainier, Oregon
• Planter's Day Carriage Rides, Woodland, Washington


• Neighbors for Kids, Lincoln County
• Warrenton High School STEM program, Warrenton

While we enjoy partnering with many different projects in our communities, we do encourage you to check out our Community Investment Program Guidelines to ensure that your request meets our requirements. Keep in mind that as a not-for-profit, member-owned cooperative ourselves, we are unable to fulfill all requests, even if they do meet our guidelines. We encourage you to apply in the next cycle for your organization, if you do not receive funding the first time. Organizations may only receive one contribution from TLC/Fibre Federal per year.

Community Investment Application:


Are you a 501c3 or other non-profit?

Does your organization have membership with Fibre Federal/TLC?*


Physical Address (include City, State, Zip):*


Tell us about your event:

How will your event impact your community.

How will FFCU/TLC be recognized for the sponorship?*


Other details:



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